Untreated Hearing Loss- Are You Still Waiting?!?

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So many studies and reports are showing the detrimental effects of untreated hearing loss. However, we are still finding that patients are waiting an average of 7 years to treat their problem. I have compiled quite a few studies and articles that may convince you to at least try hearing aids.

John’s Hopkins- Hearing Loss and Dementia Linked in Study:


John’s Hopkins- Hearing Loss Linked to Accelerated Brain Tissue Loss:


John’s Hopkins- Hearing Loss Accelerates Brain Function Decline in Older Adults:


University of Texas- Study Shows that hearing aids improve brain function:


Auditory Deprivation: Use it or Lose it:


Baltimore Study on Aging- Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline Among Older Adults:


Baltimore Study on Aging 2011- Hearing Loss and Incident Dementia:


The National Council on the Aging (NCOA) – Untreated Hearing Loss Linked to Depression, Social Isolation in Seniors:


Self-Reported Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids, and Cognitive Decline in Elderly Adults: A 25-Year Study (Self-reported hearing loss is associated with accelerated cognitive decline in older adults; hearing aid use attenuates such decline.):


LA Times article- About one-third of dementia cases could be prevented by actions that begin in childhood, experts say:


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