Hearing Rehabilitation

Often, those with hearing loss will need more than just hearing aids to find improvement. Here are some rehabilitation techniques:

Speech Reading

  • A self-paced program that the individual can buy.
    • Hearing Loss Help
    • The CD is described as having over 100 interactive lessons containing more than 1,200 speech utterances. This will give you endless hours of practice.
  • Gallaudet University provides resources on speech reading resources:
  • Speech reading Laboratory, Inc.   Read My Lips – Video Tapes
    • Speechreadinglaboratory.com
      • READ MY LIPS! Videotape series from Speech reading Laboratory, Inc. provides an easy, natural, and cost-effective way to become an accomplished lipreader. Six (6) one hour VHS videos take you from understanding basic words to complex phrases and sentences. Variety provides real life experience with 1,280 commonly used words and sentences, using 38 different people from youth to seniors.

Auditory Training

  • LACE(Listening and communication enhancement): A home-based, self-paced adaptive auditory training program designed to improve listening and communication skills.


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