Habilitation vs. Rehabilitation. What is different and what is the same when it comes to children with hearing loss.

An infant with normal hearing should be able to do the following:

Around two months of age ƒ

  • Startles to loud sound ƒ
  • Quiets to familiar voices ƒ
  • Makes vowel sounds like “ohh”

Around four months of age ƒ
Looks for sound sources ƒ
Starts babbling ƒ
Makes squeals and chuckles

Around six months of age ƒ
Turns head toward loud sounds ƒ
Begins to imitate speech sound ƒ
Babbles sounds like “ba-ba”

Around nine months of age ƒ
Imitates speech sounds of others ƒ
Understands “no-no” or “bye-bye” ƒ
Turns head toward soft sounds

Around 12 months of age ƒ
Correctly uses “ma-ma” or “da-da” ƒ
Gives toy when asked ƒ
Responds to singing or music