How To Talk To Your Doctor About Hearing Loss

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Doctor, Medical, Medicine, Health, StetoscopePrimary care providers are often the gatekeepers to that initial hearing health conversation. And it’s an important one, because an increasing body of research has linked untreated hearing loss to other significant health issues.
Research also shows that addressing hearing loss often has a positive impact on quality of life.
Yet, about 3 out of 4 adult physical exams don’t include a hearing screening.  Research from the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) shows that patients are more likely to initiate the conversation about hearing than their doctors.
To help consumers start the discussion, the Better Hearing Institute is making available a digital flipbook,  “How to Talk to Your Doctor About Hearing Loss.”
– It provides basic information about hearing loss and underscores the importance of people advocating for their own hearing health.
-Anyone can view and download this free flipbook from the BHI website at:
-We encourage you to share the flipbook with your primary care providers, family, and friends.
Other useful materials to share are BHI’s infographics, like this one on health issues linked to hearing loss:

Thank you for all you do to help raise awareness of the importance of hearing health.
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