Patient Stories


What Do Members Say About Partnering with Hearing Associates?

Joanne P. Patient story

They Are Upfront and Honest

“Hearing Associates has been great. I hadn’t been aware just how bad my hearing had become before they did their testing. And one of the best things is that they were able to help me get hearing aids. They are very upfront about costs and requirements and they don’t try to push a patient into buying something they really can’t afford.”

Joanne P.

Richard W. Patient story

I Can't Believe How Loud I Had the TV Before

“They diagnosed my hearing loss and helped me get a set of amazing hearing aids that sync up to my phone. I can’t believe how loud I had the TV before! I used to have trouble with phone conversations at work, now it’s much, much easier to hear people. The Dr is extremely knowledgeable and passionate! She made adjustments to my hearing aids a few weeks later based on some things I noticed, and they sound even better now.”

Richard W.

Ralph S. Patient story

The Team Presents You With Options

“Had to get my hearing tested – have a lot of ringing and some loss. This outfit does a great job very professional and they seem to know what they’re doing extremely well. Ashley gave me the test. She was very good, very thorough, and very friendly. They give you good information and present you with options – they don’t force anything upon you but they explain the benefits of the options.”

Ralph S.

Mehdi M. Patient story

Mehdi Would Definitely Recommend Hearing Associates

“Excellent staff very helpful. Angelica is the best – helps me a lot even though I had purchased my hearing aid from her. I would definitely refer Hearing Associates.”

Mehdi M.

Jamie P. Patient story

Professional, Thorough, and Clear

“Hearing Associates were extremely professional – thorough, and clear with their diagnosis. I would highly recommend them.”

Jamie P.

Rob M. Patient story

Responsive and Friendly

“I’ve been going to Hearing Associates for several years. They are professional, they’re responsive and they’re friendly. Betsy Balcanceres is great. Dr. Angelica and Dr. Greg are both excellent!  I highly recommend them if you are experiencing any hearing loss.”

Rob M. 

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