Tele Audiology


Allowing You to Receive Advanced Audiological Care Remotely

COVID-19 protocols have helped to solidify the development of a better means of serving our patients. Even as restrictions are lifted, many people are expressing a preference toward video conferencing over in-office visits. There are a number of advantages to video conferencing that reach beyond issues of health and safety such as saving time, minimizing travel, and providing the capacity to serve you when you are out of town on business or a well-earned vacation. As you become busier and your schedule gets tighter, Hearing Associates has the capacity to provide top-level hearing care wherever you are through our “Tele Audiology” service.

Five Easy Steps to Our Tele Audiology Consultation


Believe it or not, setting up a Tele Audiology consultation is just as easy as scheduling an in-office appointment, if not easier. There are five steps to taking advantage of a Hearing Associates Tele Audiology consultation, including:

1. Fill Out Our “Schedule A Tele Audiology Consultation” Form

When you submit our form, you alert one of our patient care specialists to contact you and help you to schedule an appointment.

2. Receive A Confirmation Email

We will send you a confirmation email once the agreed upon date and time are set. The email will not only include a confirmation of your appointment but also detailed instructions for setting up and testing the camera and microphone on your device as well as providing the link you will use to connect with your audiologist for your appointment.

3. Connection with Your Care Provider

You will use the provided link, on the agreed upon date and time, to connect to one of our doctors of audiology using video conferencing. This allows for a face-to-face conversation with a hearing care professional who is eager to meet your specific need or answer your questions.

4. Hearing Associates’ Initial No-Obligation Consultation

Our initial no-obligation consultation provides an opportunity for individuals who are not currently our patients to ask questions and discuss their concerns about hearing loss, hearing tests, hearing aids, etc. This 15-minute conversation also allows you to get to know who you will be working with, what you can expect during a hearing assessment, and the level of care you will receive from Hearing Associates. We will recommend scheduling a hearing assessment if necessary, guide you toward hearing protection options, or provide any of the services typically provided during an in-office initial consultation.

5. Troubleshooting Advice for Current Clients

Even our existing patients can take advantage of our Tele Audiology service for face-to-face device troubleshooting, remote device programming assistance, or to have your questions answered by your hearing care provider just like you have come to expect during an in-office visit.

What is Tele Audiology?


“Tele Audiology” allows you to have a face-to-face conversation with your audiologist using your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device. This means you don’t have to fight heavy traffic, leave your home or work, or rearrange your schedule to make a hearing care appointment. You can receive the same level of care you have come to expect from Hearing Associates, even when it comes to tech support and the programming of your hearing device.

The ability for the family and friends of those with a hearing loss to encourage them to seek help is an added advantage of teleaudiology. Through an initial no-obligation consultation, one of our audiologists can answer the questions and objections of your loved ones while providing them with encouragement and reassurance for a hearing assessment and top-level hearing care. 

Hearing Associates were extremely professional, thorough, and clear with their diagnosis. I would highly recommend them.

Jamie Papish

Hearing Associates were extremely professional, thorough, and clear with their diagnosis. I would highly recommend them.

Jamie Papish

Schedule a Tele
Audiology Appointment


Whether you or a loved one is experiencing challenges with your hearing, a lot of objections, concerns, and a busy schedule often get in the way of seeking the help you need. Teleaudiology helps to remove the barriers to receiving a level of hearing care that can provide you or them with a more rewarding and independent lifestyle. Don’t put off getting help any longer. Fill out our “Schedule a Tele Audiology Appointment” form to start your journey to better hearing today.