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What Others Have Said

  • Scott Hoagland4/21/2021

    Every one here is great. They remember us and truly care for us. Dr. O'Boyle has always worked so hard to make everything work for me. I have complex condition. My wife also is a patient that is very satisfied with the care and service .
    The Dr. and the team have meet and exceeded all our needs and expectations. I thought due to my situations I didn't think that hearing aids were an option, but dr. O'Boyle has consistently been able solve my situations and it has greatly improved my life. I am in the medical profession and as a professional I would highly recommend hearing Associates in Northridge.

  • Jorel C.4/06/2021
    5 star rating

    Just had my ears cleaned. Same experience. Excellence all around. Read my first review for details. Highly highly recommend. This office is so awesome.

    I like how good they are about covid measures, they really pay attention to safety.

  • Arie B.1/05/2021
    5 star rating

    I've had adult set hearing loss for about 25 years, and this is the best place I found for no nonsense friendly and reasonably priced hearing care. I trust and feel comfortable with the audiologist, Angelica O'Boyle.

  • Kent K.10/09/2020
    5 star rating

    I had my first appointment today with Dr. Boyle . If I can give this doctor 10 stars I would-- She was friendly -highly professional -incredibly knowledgeable- She was a treasure trove of info about my hearing issues

    Dana administered most of the hearing tests like a pro ( I forgot she was even a student )

    The Dr took a lot of time to explain many areas of my hearing loss and she was a wonderful mentor to her student Dana who is there observing and also participating-- From the moment I walked in the office they were following very strict guidelines with the Covid pandemic..
    I can't get over how informative she was and how knowledgeable she was when it came to explaining to me all facets of my hearing loss she not only was a teacher but she also was very nurturing and super professional..Dana was also great and I can tell she will become a great audiologist as well..

    As I was leaving I saw a few very nice girls behind the front desk who were, equally friendly and very professional .

    The wonderful gal who did all my paper work was equally friendly and professional ....I knew her from a doctors office where she used to work...

    all in all I was there almost 2 hours my experience was off the charts amazing ...anybody who's looking for an audiologist should not think twice and run to this amazing office..

    Everybody there look like they enjoyed working there..

    It's rare to find a doctors that's a model on how a medical office should be run ...

  • Heidi Nedwed7/17/2020

    Dr. O'Boyle is the best!

  • A Google User7/17/2020

    Dr. O'Boyle is the best!

  • Lou R5/07/2020

    I've been coming to this office for many years. I'm currently in the process of ordering my third set of hearing aids. Doctor O'Boyle and staff are an amazing bunch.

  • A Google User5/07/2020

    I've been coming to this office for many years. I'm currently in the process of ordering my third set of hearing aids. Doctor O'Boyle and staff are an amazing bunch.

  • Gary Khachatoorian4/24/2020

    Everything is great about Hearing Associates !

  • Dennis Ward4/23/2020

    Dr. Angelica O'Boyle is the best. She is very knowledgeable, smart, friendly, caring, and accessible. Over the years she has really been a help when I have experienced some problems with hearing aid batteries. She really went to bat for me with the manufacturer. She is very cleaver too. She came up with a "fix" for a hearing aid filter dispenser due to a manufacturer design issue. I recommend her to everyone I know who needs hearing aids.